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You are probably thinking…..What does Walt Disney World Resorts have anything to do with tropical flowers and plants? Continue reading and you will be informed about all the remarkable tropical flowers and plants that contribute in making this magical place. 

I recently took a family trip to Disney World; apparently I will never be too old. On this vacation we decided to stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which is one of the onsite resorts at Walt Disney World.


When arriving to any Walt Disney World Resort you will be welcomed with some of the friendliest employees…I get a kick when they finish conversations with, “Have a Magical Day!” makes me want to say it right back. Besides the pleasant employees you will notice the ambiance they have created for each specific resort. 

When staying at the Caribbean Beach resort expect everything to be based on island life, but luxury style. Each room section is named after islands that many dream to visit. Jamaica, Aruba and Barbados are just a few that you will encounter. 

To continue with the Caribbean theme, this Walt Disney World Resort has placed a lot of detail on the tropical plants and their location within the resort. Walking throughout the grounds of the resort, you will find many tropical plants and flowers that will line the entrances of stairwells and any large visible space. This minor detail will make you feel like you have been transported to the islands.

Tropical Flowers and Plants throughout the Caribbean Beach Resort

One of the tropical plants you will find throughout the Caribbean Beach resort is the white Bird of Paradise. These beautiful tropical plants require little effort to maintain. Even with minor care, Birds of Paradise will multiply giving any area a full appearance.

On this particular trip to Disney World our room happened to have a giant white bird right outside of our room. The leaves hung over the balcony and the flowers were easily the size of my arm.

The gingers you will see at the Caribbean Beach resort will produce a beautiful cascade of tropical flowers. Gingers have a variety of species and plant size. At this Walt Disney World Resort I found about 3 different species: pinecone ginger, shell gingers and variegated gingers. Some species can be used for cooking purposes and medical uses.


Canary palms, Fox Tail palms and Sable palms are just a few that surround the dining area. Each one of these tropical plants has a unique shape in their leaves. These large palms provide areas with enjoyable shade for tourist to escape the Florida sun.


Bananas hide amongst the wooded areas in search of shade. These Bananas have such exquisite colors ranging from dark greens to maroon and are single stemmed.

Walt Disney World Resort

The Caribbean Beach resort held many memories for me since it was my family’s home away from home. As children my brother and I were drawn to the bright colors, the buildings architectural design,food in the dining hall and large heated pools with wicked slides.


Whenever I plan my visits to Disney World I always have a matching backpack.

It's super easy to pack my waters, snacks  and I still have plenty of storage for souvenirs! 

I love the print on both of these backpacks!!

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