United States Department of Agricultural Map

Below is a hardiness zone map from the USDA. This is just a helpful guide so you can make better decisions on which tropical flowers and plants are perfect for your area. This easy to read map is broken up into zones and their annual temperatures. The key to the bottom right is color coded and also contains a number. The number describes that plant zone, which in most books/website they will only give you that number. To the left of the colored boxes are the plant zone temperatures that will vary. You will also noticed that some states have several colors. For example, I live in Southern Florida and my zones are 9-11.

Even though a specific plant does not fall in your area does not mean it will not thrive in there. This simply means that you may need to pay more attention to that tropical plant and it's needs. 

REMEMBER: Before buying tropical flowers and plants make sure to check your plant zones. This will save lots of money and heart ache. 

Big Red, which is a Plumeria, grows in zone 10. However, it could also grow in zone 9 by looking at the temperatures.

Blue Tangos, a type of Bromeliad, will also grow in this plant zone

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