When this orchid blooms it is so striking. The colors are so bold and I absolutely love the green. 

Have you ever wanted to grow orchids?  Do you know how many varieties of beautiful orchids there are? Are you trying to decide which tropical orchid is best for you? These may be some of the questions you have asked yourself.


The Beginning of the Orchid Trade

Orchids have been around for countless of years. In the early centuries orchids made their travels by ships. Unfortunately, many of the exotic species perished due to the harsh conditions. The orchids that survived were bought by representatives of the wealthy and nurserymen. These orchid collectors believed that these tropical plants required steaming hot environments. This meant the rooms were dark, hot and damp. Well, we know that not a lot of plants can survive that type of condition. Many of the tropical plants died quickly. However during the 1800s they finally got the hang of what orchids truly need: sunlight, humidity and a light breeze. Thank goodness they figured this out because in today’s era orchids are seen in just about any store. The best part is you don’t have to be wealthy to own one.

The Orchid Family

The Orchid is one of the most fascinating and largest of the flowering plants. Countless of people are attracted to the range of colors, shapes and sizes. You may even find some that produce a pleasant fragrance.

 These tropical flowers contain over 30,000 species that do not include the hybrids that are registered and not registered. That is a large amount of unique tropical flowers to collect! All of these species will fall into 3 different growing types: Epiphytes, Terestrials and Lithophytes.

Some of the most common species that are purchased among the orchid family are due to their cost, abundance and  easy maintenance. A specific one is the moth orchid, also known as Phalaenopsis. These tropical flowers are considered a favorite to many.  

These beautiful tropical flowers may come into your life one of two ways. The most common way is by an impulse purchase, which I am guilty of that! I have gone to nurseries and spotted the most exquisite orchids and just had to have them, even if I didn’t know the orchids proper care. The second way most acquire these topical flowers is by a gift. I personally love those gifts. Unfortunately, for those who do not know how to care for orchids they will throw the orchid away when the last flower dies.

Hong Kong Orchids are large magnificent trees that produce an abundance of delicate flowers. My personal Hong Kong Orchid gives off a clean light fragrance. 

More information on the Hong Kong Orchid Tree here.


When I was a little girl I loved to stick my nose in the flowers that had fragrances!!! I think most little girls do this. My mom had a particular flower that I loved the most, it smelt like chocolate! I use to ask my mom why didn't her other flowers aka orchids have a smell........

Here is the answer to my own question. Around 85% of orchids contain some type of fragrance. Most times than not these fragrances are not created for us they are produced for the orchids pollinators. These pleasant or not so pleasant fragrances may be released at certain temperatures or the time of day depending on when the pollinators are active. So there you have it, you may just have a really good nose to pick up on the orchids fragrance!

Learn the parts of the orchids flower to get a better understanding of each parts function. 

How to care for Orchids: The first thing you need to understand is how that specific species grows in nature. Some will require more sunlight where others like lots of water. The placement of your orchids will help you care for them.

Growing Orchids: Growing orchids may sound like a difficult task, but I am here to inform you it’s NOT. Once you get the hang of it and find the orchids perfect place it’s just the opposite. I will show you how to grow orchids indoors and outdoors.

 I have provided a quick general guide on how to grow some of the more popular species.

                                                * Cattleya Orchids

* Phalaenopsis Orchids

* Dendrobium Orchids

*Oncidium Orchids

*Cymbidium Orchids

Buying Orchids: When you buy orchids there are several things you need to be aware of. Purchasing a healthy orchid will benefit the future growth of the tropical plant. Keep in mind that nurseries will not be the only place you can buy orchids from. 

Orchid Species: Collecting different species will give your eyes an array to look at. Each species blooms and grows differently. Placing a variety of orchids together can create a spectacular center piece.


Orchid Pictures: I have compiled photos of exquisite orchids taken on my travels and many of them are from my own backyard. Creating your own album of orchid pictures will help you organize what you have in your own collection. 


Orchid Leis: Leis are given for a variety of reasons some include: weddings, funerals graduations, or any kind of celebration. Orchid leis are very simple to make and they look beautiful on. 

American Orchid Society: The American Orchid Society is one social group that can offer tips and tricks on caring for your orchid. But that's not all they offer! I have also include several other of my favorite social groups to use.

You can never have enough information!

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