Hong Kong Orchid Tree

This is my Hong Kong Orchid!!! I placed him in the corner of my yard to give that side some pop of color. I just adore this tree. 

The Hong Kong Orchid tree is such an enchanting tree to have in a garden. With long wispy branches and striking blooms makes this tree belong in a fairy tale book. When this beautiful tropical plant is in bloom make sure to keep an eye on the visitors that it attracts. Fast flying hummingbirds and butterflies love to feed off the flowers.

USDA Zone: This tropical plant grows in zones 9-11 and flourishes in well-drained soil.



This eye catching tree will reach 20-40 feet in height. If you have a smaller yard this may not be a good pick for you because of its growth. However, if you have a medium to large size yard the Hong Kong Tree will flourish beautifully. The large canopy provides great shade too!

While the plant is young you can display it in a large pot.


During the first couple years pruning is suggested if you want to get a certain shape. Make sure to prune after the blooming seasons. If you chose not to prune it will not hurt the tree or its potential growth. 

 I didn’t prune my Hong Kong in the beginning stages of growth which, still came out with a nice shape. Now that its a larger tree I will trim the occasional branch that is in the way.



The leaves appear like butterfly wings that are a medium colored green. When the wind blows just right the leaves will look like they are the butterfly’s wings flapping. Each leaf is an oblong shaped and contains two leaves that are connected to each other. The Hong Kong’s leaf will grow from 2 to 4 inches.

The leaves do fall so some raking may be in order. However, if you maintain the leaves on the ground it isn’t that bad.



When the Hong Kong Orchid tree is in full bloom it is one of the most spectacular sites to see. The large blooms will pop out all over the tree and usually you will see several blooms bunched together.

Bloom colors: Purple (magenta) or white.

Blooms appear: During winter.

 FUN FACT: The flower appears on the Hong Kong’s coin, flag and coat of arms.


Hong Kong Orchid Trees do Not have seedpods. 

One of the best things about my Hong Kong Orchid is that the flowers attract Humming birds!!!! That's right, you read it correctly...... HUMMING BIRDS.

Up until a couple years ago I had never seen one in person. One day I noticed these fast flying bugs or what I thought was bugs. The more I watched I was able to really identify what they were.

Since then.....Every winter when the flowers began to bloom the Humming birds arrive.

History of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree

This exquisite tree was discovered in the 1880 near the shoreline of western Hong Kong in a monastery. It was propagated and soon thrived in the botanical gardens. It is said that all the cuttings where taken from a single tree so Hong Kong Orchid trees today would be considered clones from that one tree.

 Thank goodness they discovered this stunning tree! It always catches my eyes from my kitchen windows. 

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